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Rat Control Treatment

How Do I Know I Have A Rat Problem?

You may see rats, hear them (if inside), smell their urine, see or suffer the consequences of their damage or see dropping or gnawing. Luckily most rat problems are outside and are usually caused by a food source, rats using an area for cover or a water source or possibly a combination of all 3.

Lofts may be used as resting places, kitchens as a food source or both. Rats are extremely intelligent, adapting to their surroundings. This is what makes them one of the most successful animals on the planet and makes controlling rats a difficult task. If rats are inside the building you may hear them in wall cavities or roof spaces. You may see their droppings or smell the urine.

Why Should Rats Be Treated?

Landowners have a legal obligation to treat rats. They carry diseases, they can start fires & cause other damage by chewing through cables, water pipes etc, they kill other wildlife and an infestation will breed and spread rapidly.

Preparation Prior To Treatment

Keep a record of where you see rats, ask you neighbours if they have them. Leave any droppings or damage for the technician to look at. If you are feeding birds then stop. If you have a compost heap then stop putting food on it. Identifying & dealing with the food source is the most important factor in dealing with a rat infestation.


Rat infestations are normally dealt with a cereal based poison bait or alternative.

The technician will make at least 2 visits:

  1. On the first visit the technician will inspect all of the rooms, basement and loft in the property for rat activity. The technician will locate the entry points of the rodents in those areas ( CCTV equipment might be used FREE of charge for locating entry points ) and determine estimated size of the infestation. Plan of action will be created individually for your property to select best approach of the problem. Rodent control treatment will be started and bait boxes with rodenticides will be used in safe place areas only ( were kids and pets don't have access ) according to COSHH to take control of the growing rat population. In the end of the visit you will get a written pest control report with description of the job that have been done.
  2. *An additional visit might be required. (depends of the pressure of rat population in your property ). The technician will advise you if you need it.
  3. On the 2nd visit he will pick up the bait & any available bodies for disposal. ** Lofts and basements are not subject of proofing due to the air vents and the air circulation.. The technician will carry minor proofing jobs in order to fill the entry points located on the first visit and restrict the rats access to your house in the future. In the end of the visit you will get a written pest control report with description of the job that have been done. 

It can take up to 7 days before the rats start feeding on the bait as they are suspicious of new objects. It is important to achieve a complete kill as they breed at such a rapid rate that any survivors soon replace the dead with their offspring.  If you see rats during the day time it usually means the problem is quite severe. Rats are attracted to the smell of other animals and their food, so particular care should be taken when feeding pets, wild birds etc., the storage of any foodstuffs and the disposing of rubbish, including animal droppings. Should you find any dead bodies they must not be handled without protection and should be buried or burnt. There is a slight risk that rats may die in places that their bodies may smell (i.e. under floorboards), if this happens it is unfortunate but we can accept no responsibility but we might be still able to overcome the smell using special absorbing sachets and odour masking agents. 90% of the cases, the poison used is dehydrating the rats and they flee out from the house , heading to a water source where they die.

What Do I Do Afterwards?

Rats are attracted to the smell of rubbish (bins) and any other animals. This includes predator animals such as dogs. The reason for this is that in the wild rats would eat left over food & droppings from wolves, foxes & other animals. The same applies to chickens, rabbits & guinea pigs. So if you have pets clear up droppings, check that their food is stored in a rat proof container, that litter & droppings are not put on compost heaps & that hutches & runs are rat proof.

Biocide Treatment

Rats, mice & squirrels can contaminate loft spaces and rats & mice both present a health hazard. As an additional service "No Bites Tonight" can apply a Biocide spay to loft spaces or other areas where rodents have been present to eliminate the risk of disease. The price for this is only £65.00 . We offer a 10% discount for existing customers.


We guarantee to reduce or eliminate the infestation providing any hygiene and/or proofing advice given is adhered to.


Standard Plan £130.00 - Treatment including - 2 visits in 1 month & 2 months guarantee

Advanced Plan £170.00 - Treatment including - 2 visits in 1 month, Rat Entry Point Proofing & 3 months guarantee

£70.00 - Biocide anti-bacterial treatment against viruses and diseases. 

All prices are subject to VAT , T&C may apply


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