Pest Control Terms and Conditions 


1.0 Pricing

  1. We use national average room sizes when calculating the price over the telephone.
  2. The Company reserves the right to amend the initial quotation, should the Client’s original requirements change or upon inspection of the property by us.
  3. The prices quoted depend on type and level of the Pest infestation. For further details please refer to the services page at our web site.

2.0 Access and Parking

  1. The Client must prepare the property for the treatment as instructed by our team upon booking the service. 
  2. The Client is responsible for providing access to their property at the scheduled time. If keys are provided they must open and close all locks without any special efforts or skills. Failure to provide access to the property is subject to a £30 call out charge as a non-refundable fee. 
  3. Our company is NOT responsible for any alarms triggered during a pest control service visit. 
  4. The customer MUST provide the company with full instructions for disabling and/or resetting any alarm systems on the premises.
  5. The Client is requested to arrange a suitable parking space for our vehicles within close proximity of the property and to cover any parking/congestion expenses if applicable. 

3.0 Payment

Payments associated with services provided are arranged by the methods listed below, as follows:

  • Cash
  • Credit/Debit Card
  • Bank Transfer
  1. Cash payment : The full amount for the service is accepted upon completion of the 1st visit, directly to the company personnel.
  2. Credit/Debit Cards : The full amount for the service will be debited from your card over the phone or to the company personnel via card reader upon completion of the 1st visit.
  3. Bank transfer payments from private customers are to be settled down maximum 24 hours after completion of the 1st visit. All bank information needed for the payment is provided by company personnel by email, containing invoice and payment instructions. If these payment terms are not met, our company holds the right not to proceed with any further visits until the payment is confirmed.

4.0 Cancellation Policy

Should you need to amend your confirmed booking, or if you have any further questions, please contact us at your earliest convenience. Rescheduling or cancelling your service at least 24 hours in advance of the appointment, is free of charge. 

The cancellation fee of £30applies to the following special circumstances: 

  1. last minute cancellation 
  2. no show on the date and hour of appointment
  3. non observance with the specific agreements between the partied involved ( if any )

5.0 Confirming the requested service

  1. By confirming the requested service over the phone or e-mail with our Customer Service Operators and receiving the BOOKING confirmation e-mail, your service is considered as Booked. Cancellations are possible, only if the client reply back to the BOOKING confirmation e-mail or call the office, informing the company for the cancellation on time as pointed above. Last minute notifications by phone or without notice will not be accepted as cancellation. 

6.0 Claims

  1. No refund claims will be considered once the Pest Control Service has been carried out.
  2. All services shall be deemed to have been carried out to the Client’s satisfaction unless written notice is received by the Company with details of the complaint within 24 hours of the work being completed. We will fully investigate any complaint and attempt to resolve it to the satisfaction of the Client, or alternatively to a reasonable standard.
  3. In case of damage, proven to be caused by us valued more than 150£, The Company will investigate and collect as much as possible information which will be forwarded to The Company Insurer, which will take over the case. This liability applies only once the payment for the service has been received in full.  

7.0 Liability

  1. The Company shall not be liable for any third parties or their actions who enter or are present at the Client’s premises during the pest control visit. 
  2. Items excluded from the company’s liability include: cash, jewellery, art, antiques and items of sentimental value. 
  3. We are not responsible for any existing damage to Clients property in the form of old stains/burns/spillages etc. 

8.0 Customer obligations

  1. You hereby permit us to apply approved pesticides and or deploy equipment as we deem necessary, to deliver an effective treatment, subject to our compliance with all legal requirements. 
  2.  You agree to provide us with free access to all parts of the premises for the purpose of inspection, treatment or surveillance and agree to ensure that all safety and treatment instructions are followed during and post treatment. 
  3.  You hereby covenant not to request or permit us to access any part of the site or premises which you know or suspect to be hazardous, or in which a potentially hazardous process is carried out, without first briefing us or our employee on the nature of the hazard and the precautions to be observed.
  4. You agree to follow any recommendations given by our Pest Control representative when you sign the pest control report.