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 Spider Treatment Plan

False Widow Spiders

“False widow” is a general term for any one of up to about 120 species of spider that resemble the notorious black widow spider. Steatoda nobilis, is the spider that is currently making headlines in the UK. It is sometimes also referred to as a “British black widow”, and is about the size of a 50 pence piece. Steatoda nobilis is identifiable by its bulbous brown abdomen with cream coloured markings that often resemble the shape of a skull. It has a tawny body with reddish-orange legs.

How Dangerous Are False Widow Spiders?

Not very, they can bite but like all insect bites the reaction gates from person to person.
Where Do They Come From?
The false widow spider is not uncommon in Berkshire, Hampshire, South Bucks, South Oxfordshire, West London & Surrey where it has been found for over 100 years. It is suspected to have arrived in Torquay as a stowaway in a crate of bananas from the Canary Islands.

Preparation Prior To Treatment

When we treat we apply a residual insecticide to around windows (including sills), wall/floor junction and ceiling/wall junction so if these areas are clear of furniture and other objects but more importantly they are clean and dust free prior to treatment. Removing creepers and vegetation from external walls make a difference as this removes spiders shelter.


We treat the interior of the rooms with fumigation machine , filling the volume of the room with a fog of chemical in the air, which slowly fall down and cover every single inch with insecticide against spiders. Our treatment plan for spiders includes 2 visits, which will target the spider life cycle as well with the insects and will guarantee you a spider FREE home for a normal infestation. 

  1. During the 1st visit the technician will locate the place of the infestation and spray all the skirting boards in the house with insecticide with a hand sprayer. Then the technician will use a special machine to fill the volume of all the rooms with a fog of insecticide in the air so any damage on the walls will be avoided. 
  2. On the 2nd visit, the technician will use different insecticide designed also to remain active for much longer period of time. Again a special machine will be used to fill the volume of all the rooms with a fog of insecticide in the air.
  3. Pest control report will be given to the customer after each visit.

*Additional visit might be required if there is a heavy infestation and the technician advise you.

The technician will use special respiratory mask and gloves to protect himself from the insecticides. Keep in mind that no one else must be present in the property during the moment of treatment . There also needs to be "drying" time of 3 hours after the treatment, before the property can be occupied. 

What Do I Do Afterwards?

After treatment do not let domestic animals walk on treated surfaces until dry and if bare skin comes into contact whilst wet then wash. Do not vacuum the carpeted areas that have been treated for at least two weeks or longer if the room(s) are at low temperature.


As ‘new’ spiders will constantly be entering the house complete eradication is not usually possible but the treatment will drastically reduce numbers.In some cases two sprays should be sufficient to deal with the problem but often the premises will need an additional spray. Any insecticide treatments will only work on clean surfaces.


The cost to treat your property will be:

    • £160.00 - for treatment with 2 visits and 2 months guarantee.
    • £210.00 - for treatment with 3 visits and 3 months guarantee.

All prices are subject of a VAT surcharge. T&C may apply!

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