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Bed Bug Treatment Plan

How Do I Know I Have A Problem?

Bed bugs bite at night. The bite marks will depend on the reaction of the person being bitten, as with Fleas & other biting insects different people may react in a different way and at a different time to others. Bites are usually on areas of the body that stick out the bed covers. Bed bugs are very much visible to the eye. In most bed bug infestations bed bugs will not be seen, the only evidence being the bites. You cannot feel bed bugs crawling on your skin the only thing you will feel will be the result of the bite long after the bed bug has crawled home!

Preparation Prior To Treatment

Bed Bugs are one of the hardest insects to treat and treatments will work faster if the preparation has been done correctly. The bed sheets, bedding & curtains must be removed & washed. The space or the drawers under the bed should be cleared of any items before treatment. The room(s) to be treated must be vacuumed & cleaned. The drawers & wardrobes must be emptied & the clothes only re introduced to the rooms once they have been washed or tumble dried. The treatment may fail if the room is full of clutter. The rooms must be clear or organized of toys, books, boxes, etc and furniture needs to be pulled at least a few inches away from the walls (if possible). Be careful not to put any of these objects into other rooms as you may spread the infestation. 


We treat the walls, ceilings, bed, mattress, furniture and surrounding areas in the bedrooms with insecticide spray. Our treatment plan for bed bugs includes 2 visits, which will target the bed bug life cycle as well with the insects and will guarantee you a bed bug-FREE home for a normal infestation. 

  1. During the 1st visit, the technician will use IGR ( insect growth regulator ) insecticide which will break the life cycle of the insects and will prevent them to reproduce. The chemical also will reduce the number of bites after the 1st night after the spray.
  2. On the 2nd visit, the technician will use different insecticide to avoid any chemical resistance of the bed bugs. This chemical is designed also to remain active for a much longer period of time.

*Additional visit might be required if there is a heavy infestation and the technician advise you.

The technician will use a special respiratory mask and gloves to protect himself from the insecticides. Keep in mind that no one else must be present in the property during the moment of treatment. There also needs to be "drying" time of 3 hours after the treatment, before the property can be occupied. 

What Do I Do Afterwards?

After treatment do not let domestic animals walk on treated surfaces until dry and if bare skin comes into contact whilst wet then wash. Do not vacuum the carpeted areas that have been treated for at least 5-10 days or longer if the room(s) are not kept hot and dry. The walls, bed frames or any other treated surfaces must not be washed for at least 2 weeks. The reason for this is that the insecticides will last up to 2 months and washing, vacuuming and cleaning will break the insecticides down.

All bedding must be laundered. The treated room(s) must be heated and occupied at night as this encourages the Bedbugs to crawl over the treated surfaces. Be prepared to see some bed bugs after treatment. If you see more bed bugs after few weeks since the last visit, then another spray may be necessary.
It is important to reduce humidity & keep the premises warm, so leaving windows open or using a de-humidifier makes eradication more likely & quicker. Do not introduce ‘new’ furniture to an infested area unless this has been treated as well until the infestation has been eradicated.


The cost to treat your property will be:

  • £200.00 - for treatment with 2 visits and 2 months guarantee
  • £250.00 - for treatment with 3 visits and 3 months guarantee


In some cases, two sprays should be sufficient to deal with the problem but in the case of heavy infestation, the premises will need one more spray. We guarantee bed bugs only after the 3rd spray providing the full & correct preparation has been carried out prior to treatments.

Wait until at least 2 weeks before booking another follow-up spray as it may take this long to work. Also, remember the treatment might fail unless there is a continuous occupation of the bedrooms.

This guarantee is for one month after the 3rd spray & only valid if the 3rd spray has been carried out within one month of the 2nd. Any insecticide treatments will only work on clean surfaces.

Bed Bug Heat Treatment

At No Bites Tonight we offer a ‘Heat Treatment’ for Bed Bugs. Heat treatment works by applying heat under pressure to the areas where bed bugs are infesting, this will include mattresses, skirting boards, furniture, in fact, any objects in the room, especially near to beds. The heat kills the bedbugs at the temperature above 48C.

This type of treatment is sometimes regarded as an alternative to insecticide treatment where a single heat treatment eradicates a bed bug infestation.

An insecticide treatment means that the occupier has to sleep in the treated room until the infestation has died off, this may take several weeks. With a heat treatment all of the bed bugs and their eggs are killed immediately while with an insecticide treatment the bed bugs have to come out of their harbourage, then crawl over the treated surface, absorb the insecticide and then die.

If this method is to be used then we recommend that it be used in conjunction with an insecticide treatment. We can guarantee 1 month after the heat treatment in conjunction with an insecticide treatment with 2 follow-ups. The treatment will take up to 4 hours per room, reaching a temperature up to 65C.


This is the same as a traditional insecticide treatment. There are no shortcuts when it comes to Bed bug treatments in respect of preparation whichever method is used. Failure to prepare properly will lead to the treatment not succeeding and the guarantee being void.


The cost for a heat treatment for 1 room:

£350.00 - Including 2 Free insecticide treatment visits
%50 OFF - for additional room


We cannot guarantee Heat Treatments that are carried out without an insecticide spray. The reason for this is that the heat cannot penetrate deep enough into floor and walls and the guarantee is due to the lasting period of the chemicals.

All prices are subject to a VAT surcharge, T&C may apply.


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