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How Do I Know I Have A Problem?

When a house has a flea problem it is usually the case that people will experience bites. These are concentrated on the lower leg areas. Bites can occur on other parts of the body and on children are often more evenly distributed as they are nearer the ground and more likely to be playing or lying on the carpet areas. Different people react in different ways to bites. Some experience itching, swelling, some do not. Some people will react immediately to bites others it may take several hours.

Why Should They Be Treated?

The reasons for treatment are obvious: they cause discomfort to humans & pets. They can transmit tapeworm. Visitors will be bitten and may take fleas back to their homes.


Flea treatments will not work unless proper preparation is carried out. Hygiene is paramount, the floor area of the house should be vacuumed and the whole floor area be sprayed with a residual insecticide, particular attention should be paid to the edges of carpets at the floor/wall join, underneath static furniture, under beds & the resting and sleeping areas of any pets. Upholstered furniture should be vacuumed and similarly treated (although not essential as fleas will eventually move onto the treated carpet surface) taking care to treat the space under the cushions of chairs and settees where debris has collected. If available, the bedding of the cat or dog should be replaced, washed or failing these very thoroughly sprayed. Baskets must also be treated thoroughly. The vacuum bag must be removed after this & placed in an outside bin. The pet should be treated with a formulation to treat fleas on an animal such as a flea collar, powder, spray or formulation such as "Frontline". 
The floors must be clear of books, toys, boxes, magazines etc. areas under beds, settees and other furniture must be clear. The pet must be kept out of the house when treatment starts and people out of the property while the treatment is being carried out.


We treat the interior of the rooms with fumigation machine , filling the volume of the room with a fog of chemical in the air, which slowly fall down and cover every single inch with insecticide against fleas. Our treatment plan for fleas includes 2 visits, which will target the flea life cycle as well with the insects and will guarantee you a flea FREE home for a normal infestation. 

  1. During the 1st visit the technician will use IGR ( insect growth regulator ) insecticide which will break the life cycle of the insects and will prevent them to reproduce. The chemical also will reduce the amount of bites after the 1st night after the spray. Then the technician will use a special machine to fill the volume of all the rooms with a fog of insecticide in the air.
  2. On the 2nd visit, the technician will use different insecticide designed also to remain active for much longer period of time. Again a special machine will be used to fill the volume of all the rooms with a fog of insecticide in the air.

*Additional visit might be required if there is a heavy infestation and the technician advise you.

The technician will use special respiratory mask and gloves to protect himself from the insecticides. Keep in mind that no one else must be present in the property during the moment of treatment . There also needs to be "drying" time of 3 hours after the treatment, before the property can be occupied. 

What Do I Do Afterwards?

Do not let domestic animals walk on treated surfaces until dry and if bare skin comes into contact whilst wet then wash. Do not vacuum for at least 7-10 days, after the first vacuum change the bag and dispose of bag away from the house. For this first week of vacuuming, vacuum at least once a day but preferably twice. As long as any animals have been treated, keep them indoors so that any remaining fleas present in the 14 day period since the treatment will then feed on the animals & not humans.


Domestic treatments are guaranteed (treated areas only) for one month after the first spray, and are only valid as long instructions and advice on hygiene and other matters are adhered to, the guarantee does not apply to premises where more than 2 animals are present. In some cases it may be necessary to spray on a monthly basis until the infestation is eradicated especially in shared, communal or multi occupancy buildings. Insecticide treatments will only work on clean surfaces. Commercial offices are not guaranteed.



The cost to treat your property will be:

    • £160.00 - for treatment with 2 visits and 2 months guarantee.
    • £200.00 - for treatment with 3 visits and 3 months guarantee.

All prices are subject of a VAT surcharge. T&C may apply!

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