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Cockorach Treatment Plan

How Do I Know I Have A Problem?

If you have a cockroach problem you will see dead & alive cockroaches. Usually in kitchens or rooms with boilers &/or electrical devices such as fridges or cookers.
Cockroaches are mainly nocturnal so they are more likely to be seen at night. They require high temperatures, although will survive and tolerate low temperatures (but will not thrive). Due to this they are most commonly found in kitchens, laundry rooms, boiler rooms & anywhere where high temperatures occur.

Why Should Cockroaches Be Treated?

Cockroaches are a health hazard. If you are a commercial premises and you have cockroaches, the Environmental Health Dept. may close you down, fine you or both. If left the numbers will increase.

Preparation Prior To Treatment

The cleaner the infested areas the better chance of success any treatment will have. Clean under and in cookers, fridges etc. All areas need to be cleaned and de-greased thoroughly. Contact you neighbors or any building connected to yours to see if they have a problem. Treatments of large communal type buildings will only work if the whole building is treated at the same time.


The treatment includes 2 visits :

  1. On the 1st visit the technician will inspect all major areas of the property for cockroach activity in a form of droppings or dead insects. Treatment will be started with the newest methods for cockroach control. Bait gel will be placed in the infested areas in a safe places. The bait gel contain attractants which will stimulate the insects to feed from . Once the insect consume small amount of the gel will die and can kill other 10 cockroaches because of their cannibalism as a chain reaction. The bait gel is non toxic for human and pets if placed in safe places and there is no need to vacate the property during or after the treatment. This features makes the bait gel product N1 against cockroach infestations.
  2. The 2nd visit is similar to visit 1 . Keep in mind if there is a heavy infestation we might need to switch to insecticide spray which have more immediate effect, but you need to vacate the property for 3 hours during the treatment, until it dry.

In some instances, such as heavy infestations, infestations spreading from neighboring properties, or unclean surfaces, more than 2 visits might be needed for complete control. In some cases it may be necessary to spray or bait on a monthly basis until the infestation is eradicated, especially in shared, communal, restaurants or multi-occupancy buildings.

What Do I Do Afterwards?

You will see dead cockroaches around for a few weeks after each treatment. Remove these to the outside bin for disposal. Try to refrain from washing down treated surfaces (for 2 months after spraying), as this will wash away some or all of the insecticide or bait. The cleaner the premises are kept the more successful any treatments will be, and any infestations will be kept to a minimum. Insecticides work better on clean surfaces and cockroaches will feed on any sort of food debris, but this means keeping areas clean that are not usually seen (i.e. under ovens, wall floor junctions). Cockroach monitoring traps will be supplied to you to see if there are any cockroaches left or a new infestation has occurred. These are harmless sticky traps with a pheromone bait. They are for monitoring only and will not act as a control.


We can guarantee cockroach treatments but only in detached buildings that have been treated in their entirety, flats, terraced houses & multi occupancy buildings cannot be guaranteed as there is a probability that cockroaches may spread from adjoining premises. This may take weeks, months or years depending on circumstances.



    • £90.00 - for one-off treatment with 1 month guarantee.
    • £140.00 - for 2 visits treatment with 2 months guarantee.

All prices are subject to a VAT surcharge, T&C may apply!

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